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Are you looking for All Season Tyres Maidstone for your vehicle?

Do you want to avoid the expense and hassle of switching tyres every 6 months?

All-season tyres are the ideal choice. These tyres are manufactured with a unique blend of summer and winter tyre features to provide reliable performance throughout the year. With all-season tyres, you can be sure of superior comfort, control and safety in moderate weather conditions, provided the temperature isn’t too extreme.

For top quality all season tyres in Maidstone, contact Malling Repair Services Ltd. Established in 1982, we pride ourselves on our honest and reliable customer service.

Our massive tyre collection consists of all season tyres in Maidstone for various vehicles and tyre sizes. We source our premium, mid-range and budget tyres from some of the top-selling global tyre brands, including:

Our professionals will provide expert advice dependant on your budget and driving requirement to help you choose the most suitable model.

Buy all-season tyres Maidstone online

Avoid the hassle of visiting a garage by opting for our online tyre services. Simply input your tyre size details or car registration into our online tyre selection tool and choose your favourite all season tyre from our vast selection.

We also provide affordable tyre fitting services. To find out more, call us on 01622 663960.

Special features of all-season tyres

All-season tyres are different from season-specific variants in several aspects. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial features that make all-season tyres useful throughout the year:

Tread design

These tyres feature an intermediate tread depth along with specialised tread blocks. Such construction helps them to deliver optimal traction, handling control, steering ability and enhanced driving comfort throughout the year. Furthermore, the unique tread design contributes to reduced aquaplaning risks and improved fuel efficiency.

Special rubber compound

All-season tyres are constructed with a specially engineered all-adaptive rubber compound. This compound enables the tyres to provide superior mileage, performance and safety in different weather conditions. Moreover, the unique tread compound imparts durability to these tyres.

It is recommended that you do not mix and match all-season tyres!

It is always advisable to switch to all-season tyres entirely instead of swapping just the front or the rear set. Mixing all-season and season-specific variants may result in poor performance, compromise your safety, and reduce the comfort of your ride.

Still searching for ‘tyres near me’? Come down to our garage to find suitable all season tyres Maidstone.

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