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Are you looking for Engine Head Gaskets for your vehicle?

Engine head gasket is a tiny but integral part of a car's internal combustion system. It is located between the engine block and the cylinder and is exclusively designed to prevent leakage of engine oil into the cylinder. A damaged head gasket can severely impact the engine's performance and can also lead to a sudden breakdown.

Malling Repair Services Ltd offer you comprehensive engine head gasket Replacement Maidstone at cost-effective rates. Our experts are meticulously trained to the highest standards and guarantee effective solutions at great prices.

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What are the problems with a defective engine head gasket?

Overheating engine- Coolant leakage due to a damaged head gasket causes the engine to overheat and affects its performance considerably.

Engine misfires- Damaged head gasket also causes the combustion gases to escape from the cylinder, leading to engine misfires.

Reduced acceleration- A damaged gasket also reduces your car's acceleration and impairs your overall car handling experience.

To avoid these issues, you must opt for a routine engine head gasket check Maidstone from a reliable workshop like us.

Symptoms of a damaged head gasket

Listed below are some of the warning signs of a blown head gasket that you must keep in mind to get expert help on time.

White smoke from the exhaust tailpipe

A damaged head gasket fails to prevent the mixing of the engine oil and combustion fuel, leading to the emission of white smoke from the exhausts. If you notice this symptom, you must immediately come down to us for a detailed inspection.

Milky white colouration of the engine oil

A faulty head gasket also fails to prevent the mixing of the coolant and engine oil. Hence, you will notice white oil around the dipstick or around the engine's oil filler cap, which is formed due to the contamination.

Visible signs of an external coolant leak

If you notice any visible sign of coolant or engine oil leakage outside the engine, there can be some potential damage to the head gasket. To avoid further issues, come down to us without any delay.

Why us?

At our workshop, we conduct head gasket repairs Maidstone affordably and efficiently.

We will use an advanced pressure gauge to conduct the compression test so that we can adequately inspect all the leakages on the head gasket. Once our inspection is over, if required, we will offer engine head gasket replacement Maidstone for utmost safety.

We also thoroughly clean the cylinder head and cylinder block surfaces before refitting the new gasket to ensure the best results.

Also, note we never recommend or use head gasket sealers as they can lead to problems in the future.

Therefore, look no further for head gasket repair near me and come down to us.

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