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Are you looking for Free Pressure Check for your vehicle?


If the pressure level in your car tyres is not maintained as per the manufacturer specifications, your on-road safety will be severely jeopardised. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to opt for a routine tyre pressure check on a regular basis.

Malling Repair Services offers you free tyre pressure checks Maidstone using advanced pressure gauges that provide the most accurate measurement of your car tyre's inflation level.

Come to see us during business hours. You do not need any prior appointment for this check.

How do tyres lose pressure?

Your car's tyres can lose pressure for several reasons, like:

  • Damaged valve stem
  • Bent or damaged wheels
  • Poor road conditions
  • Tyre bead damage, and more.

Dangers of driving on inadequately inflated tyres

If the inflation level of your car's tyres is not within the recommended range, it will lead to several issues, like:

  • Decreases the braking efficiency.
  • Reduces tyre-road contact area causing steering instability.
  • Increases the rolling resistance of the tyre and therefore reduces mileage.
  • It causes excessive tyre wear and increases the risk of tyre blowouts.
  • Severely affects acceleration.
  • Reduces the cornering precision while driving.

To avoid these consequences, opt for our free tyre pressure check Maidstone every 2 weeks and also get the tyres inspected by our experts.

Why us?

At Malling Repair Services Ltd, we always strive to achieve the best results for all car-related services.

Therefore, if we find that the inflation level of your car's tyre is inaccurate, we will first inspect the tyre for underlying leakage or damages. Next, we will refer to the owner's manual or tyre placard, which is kept either in the vehicle manual's sidewall, fuel cap hatch, inside the glove box door or driver's door jamb.

This will allow us to understand the exact tyre pressure that is recommended for your vehicle. We will accordingly inflate/deflate the tyres.

For a free tyre pressure checker near me and come down to our workshop.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with us on 01622 663960.

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