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Are you looking for Free Tyre Check for your vehicle?


It is essential for your vehicle’s tyres to be in optimal condition and meet all safety standards, for maximum handling control and on-road safety.

A routine tyre check is recommended to ensure your car tyres are in good condition to deliver superior performance and safety.

Malling Repair Services Ltd is a reputable car workshop offering free tyre checks Maidstone. Our experts will inspect the tyres adhering to the DVSA regulations, and check for bulges, cuts, and exposed cords, etc.

We may recommend purchasing new tyres Maidstone if your existing car tyres do not meet legal standards. Malling Repair Services Ltd stock tyres from a wide range of globally renowned brands in premium, mid-range and budget segments. Call us for more information.

What does our free tyre check Maidstone include?

Tyre tread depth

We will use a tread depth gauge to check if the tyres feature at least 1.6mm tread depth - the legal minimum to maintain roadworthiness. If it is below 1.6mm, we will recommend a replacement.

Tyre condition

Our experts will then proceed to inspect tyre condition and look for structural damages like lumps, cracks, exposed cords, etc.

Tyre pressure

We will then move on to check the car tyres’ psi levels with a pressure gauge and compare the same with the manufacturer’s specifications as mentioned in the owner’s manual or tyre placard. We will then inflate or deflate the tyres accordingly during our free tyre check Maidstone.

How to know if it’s time for a tyre check?

Reach us for a check if you come across the following issues:


Any deep cuts exceeding 6mm, exposed beads and cords, etc., indicate compromised structural integrity.


Lumps or bulges on the tyre sidewalls are a sign of air leaking inside the tyre carcass. This significantly increases the chances of a blowout.

Uneven tread wear

This can happen due to wheel misalignment, car suspension issues, etc. Uneven and increased tyre wear on the central part, deformed tread blocks, etc., hamper cornering control, traction and braking ability as well.

Therefore, if you notice any of the above issues in your car tyres, visit us and save valuable time otherwise spent searching for a ‘tyre checker near me’.

Our facility is at 34-38 Foster St, Maidstone ME15 6NH. For any other information on our free tyre check Maidstone, give us a call on 01622 663 960.

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