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Are you looking for Police Defect Forms for your vehicle?

Police Defect

If you are looking for a workshop that offers Police Defect Forms Maidstone, Malling Repair Services Ltd is your go-to destination.

Often, your vehicle’s components can sustain damages after the annual MOT test. Should you not carry out the required repairs and replacements in time, and the defects get detected by the police, you will be liable to pay certain penalty charges.

About VDRS or Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme

The Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme essentially deals with minor faults in a vehicle like damaged or broken bulbs, tread depth below 1.6mm, or damaged number plates, etc.

As per the VDRS scheme, any such defect detected by the police should be rectified within 14 days. It also stipulates that all repairs must be carried out only by a professional and certified garage.

Furthermore, the VDRS also has other clauses, like:

  • It includes all types of vehicles like cars, vans, caravans, etc.
  • Fixed penalty charges can be issued if any such minor defects are detected.
  • VDRS also offers you the scope to avoid prosecutions by giving you sufficient time to get the repairs done and obtain police defect forms.

Therefore, if you are looking for workshops that offer VDRS related services and Police Defect Forms Maidstone, come down to us.

Why us?

Please note that after conducting the necessary repairs and replacements, you will have to provide evidence that all reforms are done by certified professionals and from a registered MOT centre to avoid prosecution and penalty points on the driving license.

Our workshop is a DVSA authorised MOT testing facility and one of the most trusted car service and repair garages in Maidstone. Therefore, we can conduct all necessary repairs and replacements and offer you Police Defect Forms Maidstone as proof that all defects detected by the police are resolved as per the legal standards.

Therefore, look no further for Police Defect Forms services near me and come down to us.

If you require further information, get in touch with us on 01622 663960.

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