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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

Malling Repair Services Ltd is a reliable workshop for affordable car puncture repair Maidstone. Our experts conduct the repairs using advanced tools and adhere to the BS AU 159 standards to maintain vehicle safety.

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When can we conduct puncture repairing services at our garage?

Firstly, our experts will inspect your vehicle’s tyre carefully. If the damages are repairable, we will provide you with a quote, or else, we may recommend purchasing a new tyre.

Some key requirements to conduct puncture repairs are:

  • The tread depth of the tyre must be at least 1.6 mm.
  • Nearly 3/4th of the central strip of a tyre ensures optimal tyre-surface contact. Damages in the central strip or the minor damage area are reparable with our tyre repair Maidstone.
  • There should be no visible damage to the tyre sidewalls. They enable cornering control and manoeuvrability, along with maintaining stability. Heavy damage in this section is detrimental to the tyre’s structural integrity, compromising on-road safety.
  • We also cannot conduct car tyre puncture repair Maidstone when there are damages or punctures measuring over 6 mm.

Methods of puncture repairs at Malling Repair Services

Depending on the extent of damage, here is a list of techniques our experts implement to conduct puncture repairing services Maidstone:

  • Plugging
  • Patching
  • Plug & patch

Causes of tyre puncture

Some common factors leading to car tyre punctures are:

  • Prolonged driving on misaligned wheels
  • Faulty tyre pressure
  • Poor driving conditions
  • Old tyres
  • External objects, including glass shards, nails, etc.

So, if you notice any of the above symptoms, end your search for a car tyre puncture repairing workshop near me with Malling Repair Services. Come to see us at 34-38 Foster St, Maidstone ME15 6NH for puncture repairs at affordable prices.

Please give us a call on 01622 663960 for any other information on tyre puncture repairs Maidstone.

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