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Are you looking for Tyre Major Repair for your vehicle?

No matter how careful you are, tyre damages can never be predicted. However, getting a new set of tyres every time is an expensive affair, especially for agricultural and commercial vehicles. If you are concerned about major tyre damages, you can get them repaired at Malling Repair Services Ltd.

We offer affordable and efficient tyre major repair Maidstone as per the legal standards. Such damages are quite difficult to fix, and only a select few professional garages like us offer this service. Call us and get a quote.

How to know if your vehicle’s tyre needs a major repair?

Damages to a tyre can occur in two main regions, as discussed below:

Central 3/4th of a tyre

Such damages are known as minor damages. This is primarily the tread area, i.e. the area in constant contact with the surface while driving.

Area outside the central 3/4th part of a tyre

This area needs Tyre Major Repair Maidstone. It also includes the tyre's sidewall.

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Major repairs are mainly carried out on tyres meant for larger vehicles, like those on commercial and agricultural vehicles. It is usually done through a process called vulcanisation.

In this process, a new raw rubber piece is attached to the damaged area of a tyre. Our experts at Malling Repair Services first mark and prepare the damaged area. A strip of new rubber is then attached to the site and then put into the vulcanising machine. This machine heats the raw rubber at a high temperature to seal the damage.

A reinforced patch is then inserted and fitted to the interior part of the tyre. The repaired tyre needs ample resting and cooling time between and after these two processes before being fitted on a vehicle.

However, if the damaged tyre is beyond repair, you can also choose to buy a new one from our garage at affordable rates. So, do not delay and visit us today at 34-38 Foster St, Maidstone ME15 6NH.

You can also call us on 01622 663960 for more information.

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