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Avon Tyres

Avon has gained enormous popularity in the UK with more than a century of tyre manufacturing experience coupled with the latest tyre technologies. Its punishing test regime ensures unparalleled quality and durability. So, if you are looking for tyres that offer driving comfort and safety at a reasonable price, choose Avon.

Malling Repair Services Ltd is an authorised tyre retailer in Maidstone. We house an exclusive range of Avon tyres Maidstone in multiple sizes and variants. Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you.

Popular Avon car tyres Maidstone

ZV7 (for summer)

This model comes with an ‘A’ grade wet grip rating, ensuring optimal safety and performance on wet terrains. The large circumferential grooves efficiently disperse water from the tyre and provide outstanding resistance against aquaplaning. Thanks to its advanced polymer technology, it offers reduced rolling resistance and lesser noise.

WT7 Snow (for winter)

This Avon tyre features a directional tread pattern for improved grip and traction on icy and snowy tarmacs. The unique winter compound is responsible for balanced handling and a safer driving experience.

If you are looking for car tyres Maidstone that offer superior braking and steering precision, this is the one for you.

Ranger A/T (for all-season and all-terrain use)

This tyre has a specialised tread pattern that ensures top performance throughout the year in moderate weather conditions. Equipped with numerous sipes, it enables excellent wet weather performance. Moreover, the carcass construction produces a flat contact patch which further prevents uneven and premature wear and tear.

ZZ3 (ultra-high-performance)

You can confidently drive your high-performance car backed by this Avon tyre, thanks to its aggressive directional tread pattern. The specialised rubber compound offers supreme wet grip and excellent handling precision. Also, ZZ3’s circumferential deep channels boost braking response and shorten braking distances. Avon has smartly reinforced its sidewalls to prevent kerb damage, making it even more durable.

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