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Continental Tyres

Continental is a leading German tyre manufacturer famous for producing premium tyres. Established as a rubber manufacturer in 1871, Continental today is the fourth-largest tyre supplier in the world. Various high-end manufacturers like Audi, Volkswagen and Ford include Continental tyres as OE.

If you are searching for Continental tyres Maidstone for your vehicle, look no further than Malling Repair Services Ltd. We are a reputed automobile facility with an extensive collection of Continental tyres Maidstone.

Do you want to buy Continental tyres Maidstone online? Avoid the hassle of visiting a garage and order a set of Continental tyres online from us. Provide the car registration or tyre size details and select the tyre models of your choice.

Here are some of the popular Continental car tyres Maidstone in our collection:

Summer tyres

Summer tyres from Continental come with a harder tread compound, shallow tread depth and a specially engineered GreenChili™ compound. These variants provide top-notch handling and steering control on dry and wet surfaces. The GreenChili™ compound offers reduced rolling resistance and enhanced mileage.

Top-selling summer tyres from Continental include:

  • PremiumContact 6
  • EcoContact 6

Winter tyres

Constructed with soft tread compounds, deeper treads and additional grooves and sipes, these tyres are ideal for use on snowy roads. They deliver unmatched traction, steering and braking control on icy tracks. The unique tread design facilitates in reducing aquaplaning on slippery winter tracks.

We offer winter variants like:

  • WinterContact TS 860
  • ContiWinterContact TS 850

All-season tyres

To enjoy enhanced traction, stability, steering and handling performance throughout the year, you can install Continental’s all-season tyres on your car. These tyres feature intermediate tread depth, unique tread pattern and a specially engineered rubber compound for extended tread life.

Notable all-season tyres with us:

  • AllSeasonContact

Apart from these, we also retail the following:

  • Performance tyres (ContiSportContact 5P)
  • Run-flat (PremiumContact 6)
  • 4x4 tyres ( ContiCrossContact AT)

Still searching for ‘tyres near me’? Come to Malling Repair Services.

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