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Are you looking for Winter Servicing for your vehicle?


Winters often consist of snowfall and a severe drop in temperature. To ensure optimal car handling and safety in such challenging weather conditions, it is crucial to opt for a comprehensive vehicle winter check from a trusted workshop like ours.

At Malling Repair Services Ltd, we offer you cost-effective and efficient Winter Servicing Maidstone. We are equipped with technologically advanced machinery and have a team of trained professionals who carry out a detailed inspection of all essential car parts. We then offer effective solutions to ensure you can enjoy uncompromised safety during winters.

List of checks covered under our winter car services

Tyre checks

The winter roads are often covered with snow which increases the risk of tyre slippage. To avoid tyre-related road accidents, it is, therefore, beneficial to use winter tyres. Our experts check the type of tyres installed on your car and their condition to ensure they are safe to be used on winter roads. They will also check whether the tyres' tread depth is at least 1.6mm, and if not, they will recommend you to get it replaced for utmost safety.

Battery check

Extreme cold weather reduces the efficiency and functioning of a car battery. Therefore, our experts thoroughly inspect all the essential components of a vehicle's battery, including its charging system, terminals, wires, cables, and more. Furthermore, we also check the battery fluid and ensure it is within the optimal recommended level.

Engine oil check

If the engine oil is not within its required level, it will fail to lubricate the engine's moving parts adequately. Therefore, under our winter servicing Maidstone, we inspect the engine oil and refill it with the seasonal variant if required.

Apart from these, our car winter servicing Maidstone also includes:

  • Windscreen and wiper checks
  • Antifreeze and coolant checks
  • Inspection of the braking system, etc.

For a winter servicing garage near me and visit us at 34-38 Foster St, Maidstone ME15 6NH.

You can also call us on 01622 663960 to book an appointment or if you want to know more for more information.

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